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Smart Disinfection Chamber

Intelligent mobile temperature disinfection channel mainly applied to people, pets into public places, such as necessary disinfection channel, with masks, cervix temperature, different temperature alarm, hand washing, infrared sensor, automatic spray disinfection, and other functions; Effective for all aspects of disinfection sterilization to human body, and then achieve disinfection epidemic prevention effect.

Mainly applied to enterprises, hotels, schools, factories, supermarkets, shopping malls and so on all walks of life.



Face recognition temperature measuring alarm system

MFD intelligent face recognition temperature alarm system includes temperature detection, face recognition, human experiment, personnel, information collection and intelligent terminal products, used in crowded places, people flow inward and outward, effectively solve the testing temperature resembles trivial, information, security cannot be guaranteed, creatively and to achieve the digital recognition, network office, security management, greatly enhance the detection efficiency, service quality and unit image. It is widely used in community, station, square, hotel, school, office building, industrial park, government center, port, airport, subway, bus and other places. You must know about book of dead casino.

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